Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thirty-eight years tomorrow!

I am married to my best friend and tomorrow we will celebrate our thirty-eighth anniversary! Years ago I wondered if married couples who have been married a long time run out of things to talk about.( I have seen couples eating in restaurants not speaking to one another.) I have to say for us we never run out of things to talk about. We still have fun, too. This has been an interesting thirty-eight years with never a dull moment. We are a little grayer and a little heavier but still in love and that is the best thing!

My husband likes to buy me flowers and plants. I like getting them but I have a brown thumb when it comes to house plants. They do great outside in the summer but the minute I bring them in for the winter they start to die. Is it too much water? Not enough water? Not enough light? Who knows?

After Christmas last year he bought me a pointsettia plant. His comment was that it didn't cost much so it was okay if it died. Lol. It is still alive. It has a few less leaves than it did when he gave it to me but the amazing thing, to me anyway, is that it is blooming!

These aren't the best pictures. I took them with my phone but if you look closely you can see the tiny yellow flowers.

On the weaving front I am working on dish towels and scarves. No pictures just yet, though.

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  1. Your poinsettias are beautiful! Don't worry if they start to drop their leaves...they will sprout new ones! I have some that I've kept alive for a few years and they look great at Christmas! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Beaitiful poinsettia. Mine always die. Happy anniversary.

  3. Happy anniversary u 2! Hope you enjoyed your special day and have many more together!
    Hugs Libs

  4. Nice posting about Thirty-eight years tomorrow. I remeber I have visited your blog one more time when you have posted something about Camping