Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking a short break

For my non weaving friends, I have to tell you, getting ready for shows is work! First I have to weave up some inventory then pack it all up. Then I have to decide what items for displaying that inventory I will take, which loom and supplies, etc. I will need. Then there are the multiple trips to the van to load it all up. I usually don't sleep well the night before so by the time I get to the show I am tired.

My first show of the year was yesterday. For the first time I shared a booth with two other people. It sure was nice having some company for the day. It also worked out well when I needed to leave the booth for a short time. I didn't have to worry about leaving the booth unattended. The only downside to sharing was that we were a bit cramped. I had my loom and rack that I hang my rugs on out of the booth. That would have been okay except that it rained a few times in the morning. I had to keep covering and uncovering my things. It will be fun to share a booth again in the future but our space would have to be larger.

Today I am taking a break. Other than putting everything away and going to church I relaxed but all that will end in the morning. This is the week our youngest graduates from high school. I have so much to do before out of town guests come at the end of the week! The week after that it will be back to work building my inventory back up. My next show is in June! For me time is just flying by!

Until next time,


  1. I'm glad everything went well yesterday!

  2. Bummer on your things getting wet! I hate to worry about my ink on the tags running. Good thing you had plastic along to cover up the things that didn't fit into the booth.

    Can't imagine three people in one booth ... ack! We used two 20x10 booths for our stuff and even then I feel cramped. We like having space to demonstrate our fiber tools and we have had folks on looms, spinning wheel and sockknitting machine. It really draws the crowds, but then you need to have others to handle the sales while you are showing the tools. We even invite kids to try it out. Adults are too self conscious or shy. Many festivals will give us FREE booth space because we demonstrate, because we are "entertainment". It never hurts to ask.

    Haven't done as many booths over the last few years, so not sure if things have changed much.

    Karen and Steve
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  3. I hope you had a productive show. This was a learning experience. Next show you will know what will need to be done.