Friday, May 18, 2012

Life on the farm

Sometimes I just don't understand it. How could I have grown up in the city and love farm life so much? It is a mystery to me. I love it!

For weeks now I have been trying to get Philippe to trust me. I can now hand feed him some horse treats! He loves the peppermint ones. The one thing I haven't been able to do is catch him. A friend suggested I feed him in the dog kennel to catch him. I gave that a try. It may have worked if Kami hadn't butted him out of the doorway. I tried tying her up but Phillippe wouldn't go in. Hmmm, what to try next? My husband suggested I get down on Philippe's level so I didn't look so intimidating. Last night I fed Kami and Esau some hay to keep them busy and then I sat in the kennel. Phillippe came in to get the treats! Progress! Tonight was the true test. I had to catch him so he can be sheared in the morning. I fed Kami and Esau some hay again and I sat in the kennel. I asked our youngest son to stand out of sight. His job was to close the door of the kennel at my signal. I lured Phillippe into the kennel using his treats and William closed the door! Success!! I hope he is still there in the morning and that Max hasn't broken him out of there!

I have arranged for my hay man to deliver enough hay for a year and then some  just to be on the safe side, tomorrow. He is wanting to bale the hay in the morning. It rained near here this evening. I don't know if it rained on the hay or not. I sure hope not! So, after Phillippe gets sheared I get to clean up the barn and make it ready for the new hay. My husband doesn't understand why I go though all this. To him it is hard work. To me it is just plain enjoyable!

A few years ago my husband asked me what I thought about moving to a condo. I told him that would be fine but the animals had to have their own room. LOL. I wish you could have seen the look on his face!


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  1. I think it sounds like you are just where you are supposed to be!!! I know you enjoy your critters, and you have the perfect set-up with your studio.