Saturday, May 12, 2012


There was some excitement here last night. Our oldest son heard yipping and our Great Pyrennes, Max was growling. After turning on the spotlights he went outside and saw coyotes in the road right in front of where I keep my goats and sheep! I can't believe I slept through it all. I have been busy cleaning two houses and doing yard work in two yards that I guess I was exhausted and missed the whole thing! I am almost afraid to go to sleep tonight! I saw on the news that a part of Knoxville is having a problem with them in a subdivision! I saw a video of a coyote walking though a subdivision in the daytime and that small animals are missing. Scary!

This is our big weekend. Our youngest son graduates from high school late tomorrow afternoon. Some of our out of town family arrived today while the rest will arrive tomorrow. I hope I can keep from crying!



  1. I saw one in the field a cross the creek. He looked awful scary. Very straggly. Enjoy the graduation and the company. Hope your Mothers Day is awesome.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy having your family close...and congrats to "W" for a job well done!

  3. Glad Max was doing his job and on duty! My oh my, it seems like William was just this young kid playing the piano for me when I visited. Now he's a young man and ready to launch his life.

    Gosh you were busy yesterday! Today you need to take a break, relax and enjoy Mother's Day---

    Karen and Steve
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