Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What has been happening around here

We sure have been busy around here. While I was trying to recover from surgery we were renovating our kitchen.  Actually the cabinets and appliances were ordered in June but the demolition of the kitchen finally was under way in October. I won't bore you with the details but if you have ever renovated a kitchen you may already understand.  Back ordered cabinets, appliances that don't work or have been dented in transit, etc. Lots of things delayed the start of it all but I am so happy to say that it is done! Bye bye 1970's kitchen. Hello new beautiful kitchen.

Last month we took a vacation. We went to Chippokes State Park in Virginia. It is a beautiful park. There is a mansion there and a really nice museum. Lots of hiking trails too. It is very close to other historic places of interest. We have been there before and looked forward to getting back there. My husband found that they had a weaving loom that needed a bit of help. When I saw it I just had to fix it! They were very nice to let us have a go at it. It is a Union loom made in Booneville, N.Y. After a bit of a clean up and two trips to a hardware store it is now presentable for display.

Having had back surgery had made me rethink my studio and all I have in it. I decided that I own too much. Now really, did I need all these looms and spinning wheels? After carefully considering each wheel and loom I chose the ones that should go. I sold two looms and one spinning wheel.  I had half a room that was now empty. I was thinking........this is nice! Then it happened.  A friend told me about a Swedish countermarche loom for sale. It was made by the Berga Savonia company. I thought hmmm that might be nice to weave on. I had been wanting to try out that kind of loom but this one had a five foot weaving width! It is really big! The price was good so I decided to contact the seller. It was still available!  It was a bit of a puzzle to put it together but I love puzzles. I still have a few treadles to tie up but then it will be ready for a warp. If I like this loom I once again will rethink what I own. I may have a couple of other looms for sale.

I like tape looms.  They are portable, interesting to look at and perfect for living history. I recently saw one in person that is a copy of one at the Landis Valley Museum. What makes this one different is that it is a floor loom with two treadles. I had seen pictures of some but never saw one in person. I am hoping my husband will make me one to use at Wilderness Road State Park where I volunteer. I like to give the public something different to see when they visit. I don't want what I do to be the same from year to year.

Until next time,