Friday, November 9, 2018

Saying goodbye

This past August my big beautiful Max died unexpectedly. He was only six years old. I went to the farm to do chores and there he was. My husband and son believe he died of twisted stomach. I knew that could happen to horses but dogs? My heart is broken. He was my all time best livestock guardian dog. He will be missed by me forever.

The goats miss him too. I had tried unsuccessfully to move them to other places to graze but they refused to go without Max leading the way. Even luring them with chips, their favorite treat, didn't work. So I made the decision to sell them. I have had animals most of my life. Now none at all. Several times a day I think to myself I need to check on the animals. Then I have to remind myself they are gone. Change is hard.

To keep me busy I weave. The shows keep my thoughts occupied too. From now until early January I have five. That should keep me from thinking animals right? I sure hope so!

Until next time,