Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sunday drive with a bit of history

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take a drive. We took back roads hoping to see things we hadn't seen before. We found ourselves in Dayton, Tn. Dayton is where the famous Scopes trial was held. It was also known as the monkey trial. You can read more about it here.

Here is a picture of the courthouse. In the basement is a nice museum.

The tree colors weren't as spectacular as they have been in years past but we did get to see some pretty leaves. I didn't get any pictures of them during our trip but here are a few that we can see from our home. I wouldn't trade this view for anything! We have woods all around our house.

The previous pictures were taken with my phone. Here are a few taken with my camera.

I was being lazy this morning. I stayed in bed longer than I usually do and got up to a phone call. It was a friend wanting some dish towels! I don't know if I have any in the colors she wants. If I don't that is okay. I have a warp on the Schacht already so I will only have to go and get them woven up.I will have to go to the studio and see. This was a wonderful way to start the day! 


Monday, October 17, 2011

No naked looms!

I don't like naked looms! When I take a warp off a loom I have already planned what will go on next. Part of today was spent winding two warps onto warp beams. Here is what went onto the Lervad today. It is a scarf warp. This time I am weaving only five inches wide.

This is a dish towel warp that went on the Schacht.

There is a table runner warp on the Glimakra. I really need to get back to weaving this. I started to take pictures of all the looms in this room but I somehow didn't get a picture of the Studio loom.

Have I told you I like to shop at thrift stores? Sometimes I go in just to look. I usually don't really need anything but I like to look anyway. This is what I found this week. It is a silly three foot snowman. He is kind of cute don't you think. I suppose I should put him away until winter, huh.

As I was walking home from the studio I spotted this! We have had hot weather, cooler weather, and then warm weather again. I think this poor little thing is confused.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I did and didn't do this week

I really enjoy my weekends at Wilderness Road State Park. This past weekend was our fall encampment. On Friday we had school tours. It is enjoyable teaching children about history. For my part I tell them about how clothing is made. I take them from shearing the sheep to making my husband a wool shirt. All in about fifteen minutes. I really have a lot of ground to cover!

Some of the other things they learn about is tanning hides, how the cannon works, cooking,  and candle making.

When I come home there is always laundry to do and lots of it. Even if we didn't wear some of our clothes they always smell of wood smoke. This is what our deck looked like on Monday.

This is only a small part of what I washed. What  you aren't seeing are the sheets, blankets, cloaks, frock coat, my son's clothes, dish cloths and several more stockings. It was pretty chilly the nights we were there. We took about three wool blankets each!

I haven't woven this week. I can't believe I am saying that with a show coming up in two weeks! Part of Monday was spent winding a dish towel warp. Yesterday I spent the day caring for a sick grand child. On the way home today I stopped at R&M Yarns. This is one of my favorite yarn shops. When I got home I took our son for his flu shot. Before I knew it it was time to cook dinner!

Tomorrow I will be spending the whole day with a dear friend who is visiting here from Missouri. We only get to see each other once or twice a year. Always in October. Tomorrow is going to be fun!

Friday will find me back in the studio, I hope!


Monday, October 3, 2011

This is a test

It seems that I can't comment on my own blog! I am going to try a new post and see what happens.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

New weaver!

One of the most rewarding things, for me, is to pass on the art of weaving to someone else. Recently I showed you a picture of a reproduction 18th century tape loom that my husband built. It was a gift for a young woman that I know. We recently gave the loom to her with a lesson on how to use it. She has discovered that she loves to weave!

I thought you might be tired of seeing the studio in winter so here is a picture I took recently.