Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Going home!

Tomorrow is my last day in the rehab center after back surgery. I have been here 28 days. Long enough, don't you think? Looking back I have come a long way. I have gone from having to have a person on either side of me to help me walk to being able to walk by myself using a hiking stick. I feel pretty good about that! I still have a long way to go but I believe I will get there.

Next I will be waiting to see what I won't be able to do ever again. I am pretty sure I won't be picking up bales of hay with one hand anymore and maybe no more picking up goats. I always considered myself strong. Guess we all have to face, sometime, that our bodies are getting older and someday we have to stop doing things that our bodies just can't do anymore. It is hard to think about giving up things. I just hope weaving isn't one of those things! So for now I will concentrate on getting better. As for the future? That remains to be seen.

So, to my weaving friends, keep posting pictures. I enjoy seeing the projects you are working on! Hoping that soon I will be able to see those projects in person!

Until next time,

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I escaped!

Well only for a little while. My occupational therapist was teaching me how to get in and out of the car without twisting and only using one hand. Evidently I did well because she mentioned to my husband that we should go for a drive! After signing me out we went out for ice cream. I didn't want to go too far so we went to a place not far from here. Driving on bumpy roads after back surgery is awful! I found that out when I had a doctor's appointment a few days ago. It was pretty warm out today and I have to say it sure felt good to be out in the fresh air for a while. Something I haven't done in a few weeks now.

Having shoulder surgery then back surgery a few weeks later really has given me some insight to people who are handicapped. These days people can be distracted with their phones or whatever is on their minds that they don't take the time to notice their surroundings. I have been in stores and other places where handicapped people are treated like they are invisible.  I am not just talking about me. I have seen things in stores that made me want to go talk to people who will come up behind someone in a walker and zip around them startling the handicapped person.  I have seen many other things too that I won't go into here. My point is this. Please think about the handicapped and how your actions might affect them. Okay getting off my soap box now.

The temperatures here were in the mid 60's today! What happened to winter? 

Until next time,

Monday, January 9, 2017

what is new around here

I have been thinking about what to write here for weeks. Okay, more like months. The truth is I haven't woven in a long time. It all started with a pain in my shoulder.
Two cortisone shots, exercises done at home and an MRI later I find out I need surgery. Among other things I was told my bicep needed to be reattached! It wouldn't have been so bad had it been my left shoulder but you see, I am right handed! My arm needed to be in a sling post surgery for a month. then I was told I can't use it for four months. That will be the end of March!

Then about five weeks post op I find I have a herniated disk. If you have ever experienced this then you know how awful the pain can be especially when it travels down a leg! More surgery. How can one person fall apart so quickly? Suddenly I feel old. Very very old! 

I am now at a rehab center trying to get some strength in my left leg and to learn to get by with my restrictions. On the good side I have one good arm and one good leg, right? The hard part is feeling so helpless at times. Have you ever gotten into a recliner ( just have to get out of the wheel chair for a while) and then realize the lever is on the wrong side? Then to top it off I have to ask someone to make it recline and then to come back to help me sit back up! Now I know how a beached whale feels!

I am not telling you this so that you will feel sorry for me. Not at all! I just wanted you all to know where I have disappeared to and that I won't have any weaving to show for a while. 

So until you hear from me again I will be here in rehab exercising and progressing every day, reading, doing crossword puzzles and keeping up with other weavers either through their blogs or on facebook. If I can't weave at least I can see the beautiful work of other weavers! Right? I may be down for a while but all this is temporary! So I will focus on the good and try to keep a good sense of humor. ( I am trying to picture myself with one Popeye arm. :)

Until next time.