Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is on the loom this week

This week I am weaving a scarf and also wound a warp for another. The scarf I am weaving on has an off white yarn with a gray and purple yarn in the warp. The purple and gray were plyed together. I was thinking I would use the gray/purple yarn for the weft but when I tried it it didn't look as nice as I was expecting so I switched gears and used a raspberry yarn. I am likeing the results.

This next warp will be narrow, only four inches. I have never made a scarf this narrow before! The dark color is green. It isn't showing up very well in this picture but it will in the next one. The red is the same raspberry yarn that is in the other scarf.

This is the green yarn. It sure doesn't look like this in real life but it you look at the wound warp at the back of the mill the colors are more realistic.


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