Saturday, July 7, 2012

Am I a shepherd?

Owning a sheep has been an interesting thing for me. I don't know what I expected it would be like. Maybe I didn't even think about what it would be like to be a shepherd. Hmmmm, can you be a shepherd if you only have one sheep? Catching Philippe to be sheared took a while. I am talking weeks! I finally caught him the night before. Sometime after shearing he needed to be wormed. Now it was even harder to catch him! He was all the wiser now. His favorite treats weren't working so I began feeding him in the dog kennel again.. He would go in there to eat but I am convinced Philippe has eyes in the back of his head! As soon as he would even think I was heading for the door he would bolt. Tonight wasn't any different than any other night. He was standing in the doorway of the kennel. This time I pretended I was going to walk past the kennel. I didn't even look at him! He turned around to eat again and I lept to close the door! He didn't panic like he had before and I was even able to give him a hug. I think we are getting somewhere! Before turning him loose I gave him a couple of his favorite treats. In a few weeks he is going to have to have his vaccination. What are the chances of catching him three times?

Today I finished placemat number 16 on this warp. Here they are relaxing on the loom.

I used an off white warp. There are four placemats done in each of the different variegated yarns. I really like how they all turned out and I am thinking I will do this again.

We are still sweltering in this heat. The weather folks think it will cool off to the high 80's near the end of next week. I sure hope so!



  1. Nice looking placemats. Interesting patterns.

  2. Keep feeding him in the kennel, then you can catch him whenever you need to! You seem to get a lot more weaving done than I do, you are more focused than I!