Sunday, July 29, 2012

Touring Clinton, Md.

I have been gone for over a week. Hubby had a business trip to the D C area and after he had been gone a week our son and I joined him. We decided to be adventurous and give the Megabus a try. A friend of mine had taken it twice and really like it. I bought our tickets online and printed out our boarding pass. I have to say the bus was really nice! It was clean and not crowded. The onboard bathroom was a plus and the seats reclined. There is an electrical outlet for every two seats. There was also supposed to be free wifi but we couldn't get it to work. I saw a person across the isle trying to get on too but he couldn't. That was all right with me. I just popped a movie in my laptop! We made one thirty minute stop for something to eat. The bus driver announced exactly when the bus would be pulling out and if anyone missed the bus another one would be along in eight hours. Needless to say, no one missed the bus! We made another stop to pick up and drop off passengers but it was really quick. Not having to drive eight plus hours was really nice and the fares are very reasonable.

I like to research areas I am going to, to see if there are any historic sites in the area. This is what I found. Our son had seen the movie The Conspirators last year and was excited that we could see the house/tavern. It didn't open until Wednesday but we were able to find other places to visit until we could go here.

The town is called Clinton in Maryland. It used to be called Surrattville but the name was changed sometime after the assination of Abraham Lincoln.

Here is a picture of the house.

On the left is the tavern side. It was also the local post office.

This was a nice tour to take and I would highly recommend it if you are interested in the Civil War. This next photo is of our tour guide. The photo after this one is of another tour guide. Aren't their clothes wonderful?

This bed is just amazing to me. It looks a whole lot like the one I sleep in! The legs aren't the same but everything else is.

A few years ago I happened to see a picture of the bed Abraham Lincoln died in at a house across from the Ford Theater. It too looks a lot like our bed! Before I bought our bed I had never seen anything like it. Now I know of three that are very close to being the same! All three are rope beds.

The table and desk in this photo belonged to Mary Surratt.

In this photo the decanter, tray and glass belong to her, too. Everything else in the house was of the period but didn't belong to her.

I have several more photos but I don't want to show so much that you won't want to take the tour. The story told here is so interesting. You won't be bored!

I will leave you with one last picture. This is Mary Surratt.



  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! I love seeing antiques in great settings!

  2. What a fun time. History is so interesting. I know that you enjoyed it.