Thursday, June 2, 2011

The tavern room at the studio

I am still fine tuning the studio. I would really like it to have an 18th century flavor. Today our son helped me hang a flintlock in there. In the opening between this room and the kitchen I want to put a cage bar. I believe that will give the room a nice touch. Someday I hope to change the counter tops for something more appropriate. The floor needs replacing, too.

Here is another wall. We added the cider press today.

I will definately have to do something about the switch plate covers!

These are reproduction newspapers from Williamsburg, Virginia. One is from 1774 and the other from 1776.

It is getting there but slowly. So what do you think. Any suggestions.



  1. You are just having too much fun in your new studio! Good for you!

  2. No suggestions. It is looking great.

  3. It looks so good! I cannot wait to see the cage bar finished! I don't think you need any ideas! It is really pretty.Love ir