Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sweltering Thursday

Here it is Thursday already! My how time is flying by.

It is hot here. I don't just mean hot I mean horribly hot. It has been in the 90's for a while now with heat indexes in the upper 90's! Last evening hubby and I went to the basement of the studio. He noticed that the fan on the heat pump was running for a long time. I went upstairs to check the thermostat 83 degrees? I had it set on 74! With our son's busy schedule since school ended for the summer and now this I don't know how much time I will be spending there. I guess I could weave all night long and sleep all day! I hope the repair man can come soon!

Since I don't have any updated weaving to show you I thought I would show you what is blooming at the studio. I didn't plant any of this. It was there when we bought the house. I have transplanted some of it to other parts of the yard because the beds were getting too crowded. The flowers on the left are miniature roses.

Can you believe there used to be three large Nandinas behind those lilys?

As you can see there are lots of day lillies, monkey grass and other things I don't know the names of. In the front of one of these beds I can see the black eyed Susans. Later this year they will fill that bed with wonderful blooms. The pot in the bird bath is filled with chocolate mint.

I am toying with the idea of building a fire pit in the back yard. Wouldn't it be fun to sit out there, in the fall, with some friends enjoying the cooler evenings? Ahhh, fall. It is such a long time from now!


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  1. The flower gardens are looking real nice. I hope that you get the air fixed at you studio.