Thursday, June 30, 2011

Now for the rest of the story

The last time I posted I told you only part of the story of my travels. Now for the rest. On June 17th  Carol ( Loomy Tunes blog) and I headed for the midwest. The first night Carol decided to stop in Columbus, Indiana for the night. I told her Chris Gustin of Homestead Weaving Studio lives there! I gave Chris a call and we were able to go for a short visit the next morning. Chris even had coffee ready for us! We had a tour of her studio and got to talk for a bit. Here is a link to her website. Chris's studio is wonderful! If you ever get the chance you should stop in.

The next evening we arrived at Karen in the wood's home. Karen lives in a beautiful log home in the country. I have known Karen for several years but never had the opportunity to visit her. She has come to my house three times so it was time I go visit her, don't you think? Here is a link to her website. and blog We had a wonderful visit. We had the chance to catch up on the news and weave. I had taken my Knifty Knitter with me so Karen and I knitted hats together, too. Some rv friends stopped by to visit and later in the week we went sighseeing here. I love steam engines. Sam does too! My DH and I took our children to ride steam engine trains in Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina when they were small.

At the end of the week Karen and I headed north to Hancock, Mi. to meet back up with Carol. We timed our visit so that we could go to the rag rug get together at the Midwest Weaver's Conference. Several people brought rugs for show and tell. I really enjoyed seeing what other weavers had woven and even got to see an antique rug. We spent the night there and Carol and I headed south the next morning. It was hard to say goodbye to such a good friend. Hopefully we will get to see each other again soon.

Carol and I had planned to stop in at Great Northern Weaving. We both kept looking at their website to plan what we wanted to look at and buy.

We each bought shaggy selvedges, rag cloth on coils and some jazzy strips. It was so nice to see the inside of the place we had ordered from before and meet the people who work there.

The night before our Great Northern stop Carol looked at the map and figured out we were only about Two and a half hours or so from Leesburg Looms! We just had to stop in, right? I found some shaggy selvedge I had never seen before. It is thick. I bought two bags. One of off white and the other in sage green. Yesterday I was anxious to weave it to see what it would look like. Here it is. Different, isn't it. It is soft and being cotton should be very absorbant.

By the time we got here, that night, it was dark but we unloaded my things at the studio with the help of my son. We said our goodbyes and then I crashed in the bed. We covered over 2000 miles on this trip. I was tired but oh so happy!

Here is a map of our journey. We decided to stop in at Leesburg Looms after the map was made so the mileage is different from what you see. Leesburg is in Ohio.

Being I had gone to volunteer at Wilderness Road State Park in Virginia just before this trip I can say....this month I have been in eight states in thirteen days!!

Until next time.



  1. You've had quite an adventure!!! You left out the part where you also acquired another loom!!! LOL

  2. I am exhausted just reading about your adventure. It does sound like it was fun.

  3. I posted about the new loom on Loomy Toons. :-)

  4. Lots of miles and lots of fun! What more could you ask for? glad you had fun!

  5. I know it was well worth the travel time! Glad you had fun!

  6. Ohhh I was so honored to be part of your fiber vacation! It was such a delight having you here and now I miss you terribly! I wish you were still down the steps and hanging out in the loom room with me. We needed another couple weeks to weave together!!!

    Karen and Steve

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