Friday, March 4, 2011

Saying good bye

Today we made the decision that Monty had to go somewhere else to live. He is a sweet cat and great mouser BUT he is mean to our other cat, socks. This has been going on since last year and today we had had enough. He will stalk her when she is just minding her own business. He will slowly creep up on her and stay there until they make eye contact and then he will pounce sending her fur flying. She does nothing to defend herself! Every day I set out two bowls of food and he will go and eat her food and she will just walk away. So today was the last day for him to terrorize Socks. I have a friend who lives on a large farm and was looking for a cat to catch moles. I gave her a call and off Monty went. Will we miss him? Sure but Socks needed some peace in her life.

When Monty first came to us our son named him Monty. I asked him why he chose that name. He said it was the name of the bad cat on the Stuart Little movie. The name didn't fit at the time. He was so sweet and we would call him Montyzooma because he would run in the house, at lightning speed, when the door opened. Now the name fits.



  1. Monty will love giving the moles a run for their money!!!

  2. I am sure Monty will enjoy terrorizing moles at his new home!

  3. AAHHHH I know this is hard! He will be happy though.