Saturday, March 26, 2011

I saw Santa Claus!

I did! Really, I did!

This evening my sister in law took me to the Yankee Candle Co. store. What a really neat place it is! When we walked through to the far end of the store we felt like we were outside. The ceiling was blue and it had big puffy clouds. The lights in there made the sky look like it was changing. You can see it looking differently in the photos below. The shops that surrounded us looked like downtown store fronts and the center section was similar to a town square. On the hour and half  hour the clock tower would open up and three mechanical animals sang songs. When they were done the clock tower closed back up.

In one area there were lots of artificial trees, a fountain and a gazebo.It was darker in there and it looked like night with twinkling stars over head. The really neat part of this area was that it snowed every four minutes! Pretty neat.

In another area we found ourselves standing in front of Santa Claus and his wife. They were very pleasant and reminded us to be very good!

Here are some pictures. The clock tower closed.

The clock tower open. See the sky?

There he is. Now I know where he spends him time when he is not in the north pole! Did you happen to notice his naughty and nice book?



  1. What a fun place! Did you check Santa's book?

  2. You know which book you are in? Sounds like fun.

  3. It is cool the way the sky changes!

  4. Was my name in Santas good book? Where were you? Was this in Wmsbrg?