Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet 16 party. Something different!

My son and I were invited to a masquerade ball so off we went. It was awesome! The ball was held in the Karlan Mansion located in the Wilderness Road State Park. The ball began just as it started to get dark.  Each guest was greeted at the door with a champagne glass filled with sparkling cider. The theme was Phantom of the Opera. Each guest was given a folded piece of paper that was sealed with wax. Inside were questions about the movie. If you didn't know the answer to a question there were hints in several rooms to help you. One example was...what was Christine's father noted for? He played the violin so there, on a pedistal, was a violin.

There were electric candles everywhere and the sound track from the movie was playing. At one point the Phantom suddenly appeared and slowly walked up the spiral staircase to escort the birthday girl down. They walked into one of the rooms and waltzed. The whole night was simply incredible. After dinner modern teenage music was played and the kids danced. Just before the party ended the mother of the birthday girl went over the answers to the questions and the winner got to take home the Phantom's mask.

My friend, the mother of the birthday girl, asked me to wear my 18th century clothes so I did. Here is what I looked like before we left for the party.

It was raining pretty hard and it was very foggy so we decided to spend the night at an inn. Sometime during the night it got really cold and the rain had turned to snow! This was our view when we walked out the door.

This morning we drove around and saw the sights. I really wanted to walk up to the Pinnacle but the road was closed. It sure would have been neat to see the view from up there!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea for a sweet sixteen. You look great too by the way. Was DS in costume too?

  2. Did the kids dress in costume, too??? Sounds like an incredible party!

  3. What fun. That would be a good idea for an adult party. Who was the Phantom?

  4. I would never have recognized you! Bet you had fun!

  5. Sounds like fun! I've never been to one.