Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wonder Loom

Today I went to a very large antiques shop in Williamsburg, Virginia. I wasn't looking for anything to buy but I do like to look. This is what I found. Isn't it a sorry looking loom? The wood needed to be refinished and all the metal parts were rusty. The label said it was a Wonder Loom.

They wanted $175.00 for it. I was shocked! I found one of the employees and politely told her the owner may want to know that their loom was very over priced. I told her it would take a lot of work and money to restore it to working condition. She didn't blink an eye and said there were people who would gladly buy it just to have it as a display piece. I told her that was sad. It is a tool that should be used. I think that poor loom will be sitting there for a very long time.



  1. Don't you just want to take it home and fatten it up a bit!

  2. Wow! If I wanted it to just sit around, it would have to be cleaned up. I agree with you Linda. It is a shame.

  3. I'm new to looms and have found a much better kept version of this loom in a silent auction. Can anyone give me a little more info about it? What year it would have been produced? What would this be worth in Good to Very Good Condition? Thank You.

    I have used looms before but only the very large ones. If I am the high bidder on this, it will be my first table top.