Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is on and off the looms

Today I took two table runners off the Gilmore loom. They are woven with wool weft and warp.

Here is a close up of the striped one. The darker color is green.

Remember the other scarf that I wove using sock yarn as the weft?

Today I started another one but this time I am using the same sock yarn that I used for weft as warp and weft. It is turning out kind of neat looking. Want to see? I am doing plain weave on this one. If you look closely you will see a stripe that doesn't really show up on the other scarf.

I also wove some on the scarf that is on the Lervad. I would be weaving still but I have to get ready for a date with my husband! Hope all of you have a terrific evening!



  1. I love the way the yarn interacts! It's always fun watching it progress.

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  3. Ok, maybe I will be able to spell (or type). The sock yarn as weft and warp really worked out well. It does look different than the other scarf. It is fun watching it develope.