Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I am working on today

For a while now I have wondered what it would be like to weave a scarf with sock yarn. I knew the pattern wouldn't look the same but what would it look like?  Last week I found myself near a JoAnn's etc. Our son wanted to go into the guitar center and so I HAD to find a place to go! He loves it there but it is just too loud for me. They didn't have a big selection to choose from but this is what I bought.

I had a time deciding what color to use for warp but I ended up with  purple.

Today I started weaving the scarf. I was going to do a fancy twill but I played around with plain weave and a straight twill first. I really liked how the straight twill looked so I went with that. It probably won't show in the pictures ( I took the photos with my phone) but the purple areas, up close, look like jewel tones! Very pretty. The specks of green, in the lighter area, got washed out. The green looks almost gray. It looks much better in person.

With this warp I have reached my goat of a warp on every loom! Hurray!

More rain is predicted and we are under a flood watch already. I have heard two to three inches is expected and it could end as snow on Sunday! We sure don't need more rain. In some areas the creeks and rivers are still high from the last rain.

Take care and I hope you all stay high and dry!



  1. I need to get some warps on my looms so they won't be nekid!!! It's a great goal!

  2. That is beautiful Linda! I will have to try that myself sometime soon. I also like having a warp on every loom, it is somehow comforting.

  3. I love the way that's turning out. Great color choice!

  4. That is beautiful Linda! I love the colors

  5. It is beautiful. I like it with the purple. If you finish in time bring it Tuesday.