Friday, March 11, 2011

Trying to save this warp

Recently I put a warp on my Gilmore. It turned out to be a nightmare! I had used two colors. A dark blue and a tan wool. I could see when I was winding the warp that the blue had some knots in it but I thought they would go through the heddles ok. Boy was I wrong. I cut off the blue and threw it off the back and rethreaded the reed  skipping every other dent to spread out the warp but now what to do with a warp now set at 5 epi? I wove in a few loopers to see how that would look and I decided it just might work so I continued weaving. This is what I wove.

It is in the washer right now. I will find out how it does soon.



  1. wow that has a lot of color. It is very cheerful

  2. That would look good in front of the kitchen sink. Very pretty.