Monday, February 28, 2011

What a stormy day!

Today it rained, and rained and rained! Since this morning we have been under a severe thunderstorm watch and warning and a tornado watch, and warning. At one point the winds were so strong and the rain was coming in sideways!

Here is a  picture of the creek that suddenly formed in the yard of the studio.We even had a small waterfall!

The water ran down the yard to the woods. As you can see the back yard is a big soggy mess. Thankfully we only lost one tree. It was in the woods and not too near the studio.

I spent hours at the studio working on a scarf and rug. Weaving is so relaxing expecially when one is worried. I kept expecting school to let out early but it didn't. I was worried if it did let out early that I wouldn't be able to get there.

Lastly I will show you a picture of our cat, Monty. He decided he wanted a turn in the flower box.



  1. They are saying we got 3-5 inches of rain during that 2 hour period. It was a little wild & wooly for a bit!!!

  2. I believe it! I have a lake in my yard with the barn partially flooded!

  3. I thought it would never stop raining, but the sun is shining today!YEAH

  4. It could have been worse. Glad it wasn't.