Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And the beat goes on

So far today I am working on a rayon scarf. The warp is medium green and a dark tan. For the weft I am using gold.  When I use rayon yarn I beat lightly. I like the look and feel of it after the scarves are washed. One of these days I will make one for me! I am sorry but the colors just aren't showing up well.

I am weaving this on the Lervad loom. I really like the feel of the hanging beater. Old looms are wonderful.

Here is the gold I am using for weft. I had to go outside to get a better picture!

Max is growing by leaps and bounds. Yesterday he weighed 49.5 pounds and he isn't six months old yet! I will have to take a picture soon so you can see.



  1. Max looked great in the picture posted yesterday over on Loomy Tunes, sorry I missed him.
    I had to look closely to see the stripes in that warp!

  2. Your scarves always have a lovely feel!!!

  3. You are working up a storm!

  4. The scarf is beautiful. Yes, you need to make one for yourself.

  5. Oh I bet when it all fluffs up and fulls, it sure will be pretty!

    I like that gold color... very soothing.... of course it would look GREAT next to GREEN. Go Packers!

    Karen and Steve
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