Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another work day at the studio

It was a beautiful day here in East Tennessee. The sun was shining and it was warm. That meant it was time to get some things done outside. Our youngest son had the task of raking leaves and throwing them over the fence to the woods. All the bazillions of them.

Our oldest son stopped by and I put him to work! He pulled out a tall fence post for me. I had dug around it last week but DH and I just couldn't pull it out of the hole. Our son had it out in no time. He lifts weights so this was a breeze for him.

Both our sons and I loaded more firewood onto the log rack in the back yard. We are well on our way for next winter. The rack is full and there is still lots more firewood.

When we bought the studio we inherited some cinder blocks. We also inherited a goodly number of them when we bought the lot on the other side of our house. I wish they would all disappear!! but DH may need them when he relocates a shed in the back yard. When that job gets done I hope to send the left overs far away from here! I am tired of looking at them!

I transplanted more plants and moved a porch swing and frame behind the studio. Who knows? I may have to take a break from weaving and swing sometime!

Another thing we worked on was removing a section of chain link fencing between the studio and our home. Once that was done I made a path of stepping stones between the two yards. Now we won't have to walk out in the road to go back and forth.  All I will have to do is walk out of the basement, go across the driveway and into the studio yard to the side porch.

Sorry no pictures today. By the time I was done working outside it was time to cook dinner and crash on the couch!



  1. Today was a good day to work outside! The sun was shining and there wasn't too much wind.

  2. you are getting a lot done!

  3. Hi Linda.... just realized that you had a blog. Saw it on APP site!
    Be looking forward to see more of your woven things.