Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you looking at me?

This is Socks. One Sunday, about ten years ago,  our son heard a cat crying. Dressed in his church clothes he headed down the hill and across the creek. There he found a tiny kitten probably seven or eight weeks old. She was all alone. Needless to say, he brought her home. About a week later my DH was up on the roof cleaning the gutters. He was smiling down at me and he asked if I had found a home for the kitten. I smiled back and told him I sure did! Then he asked if it was anyone we knew. I said yes!

She is such a sweet cat. When she hears our cars pull in the driveway she will come running to greet us. She will even walk with me to the studio and wait for me to come home so she can walk me back!

Today, as I was doing the dishes I noticed this.

A few seconds later this is what I saw. She had completely turned herself around.

Recently I hung a hay rack planter under the window. Socks decided it was a great place to take a nap!

Socks doesn't meow like other cats we have had. She rolls her R's! She has other quirky parts of her personality. She doesn't like to be held if we are walking. She also jumps at the slightest sound.

Aren't animals wonderful? They make our lives so plesant and they love us no matter what.



  1. It sounds like Socks chose you...just like Max did! They are such important parts of our family!