Monday, July 25, 2016

Drama on the farm

For one week my herd queen Ginger harrassed Finnian. He was one miserable goat. I made the decision to buy another cashmere goat from Mountain Hollow Farm. Meet Seamus,

It almost looks like he is smiling! He was chewing his cud. He is only one year old. Even though they were from the same farm he and Finnian had never met. The minute Finnian saw Seamus he cried sounds of joy. He was so happy to see another goat that looked like him! It didn't take long for them to be best friends. Every time Finnian lost sight of Seamus he would cry. Seamus would go up to him and put his head on Finnian's head. It was so cute to watch!

These were handled when young and are the sweetest goats! They like to come up to me for some petting and head scratching. I am really enjoying having them on the farm and I am really looking forward to seeing what wool they give me in the spring.

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