Monday, June 27, 2016

It's show time!

As some of my followers already know getting ready for a show is a lot of work. After all the weaving is done there are fringes to twist, washing of some items, measuring, tagging, pricing and boxing up. Then all the boxes and display items have to be loaded into the van, unloaded and carted into the show. After that, reboxing, loading and putting away what did not sell back to the studio. Hopefully I will take home a lot less than I took. Then there is the book keeping.

I like to demonstrate weaving while in my booth. It can really help the day pass by especially when the shoppers are less and the show is not over yet. People only get to see the weaving. They don't know all the preparation work that is involved before the weaving can begin. Some think items are too expensive while others appreciate all that goes into each item.

My favorite part of sitting in my booth is meeting people. I frequently hear comments like, "I did that in college" or "I did that a long time ago but then I had children. I wish I could get back into it." I always tell them about the Appalachian Arts and Craft Center and about Carol who gives lessons. Hopefully she will have more new students.

Here is a picture of my partially loaded van.

I have been breeding Nigora goats for a few years now. My goal is to get only goats who can be combed and produce cashmere wool. For the last year I have been thinking about getting a true cashmere goat from Mountain Hollow Farm in Tazewell, Tn. She sells black ones and silver ones. Recently I saw, on facebook, a picture of a goat kid with the caption, life is short. Buy the goat! So I did! He is adorable and has such a sweet disposition! Here is a picture of him before I brought him home.

Isn't he cute? The other goats don't think much of him but hopefully that will change soon.                                                                                                                                                 

Until next time,


  1. What a cutie! I hope you have a great show!

  2. Such an adorable face! I'm looking forward to getting to touch some of that fabulous fleece!!!

  3. He is so cute. Have a great show.