Thursday, March 31, 2016

In transition

This is my Marigold one year ago. She and her sister were born here to Ginger. For those who may remember I raise Nigora goats for their wool. Marigold is the one close to her mother.

This is Marigold after being combed a year later. I have to say, she did not like being combed one bit! I was able to get a lot of her wonderful wool to spin into yarn.

As you can see she is still a lovely red underneath. Too bad the wool I combed wasn't the same color. Her wool fades to an off while like her mother.

This is Ginger and Daisy. As you can see they have a way to go as far as combing goes.

Ginger is a cross between an Angora goat and a Nigerian Dwarf goat. She is considered an F1 Nigora. I bred Ginger with an F2 Nigora and Daisy and Marigold are the result. I was curious as to what their wool would look like. They are very different from each other. Marigold's wool is like her mother's but Daisy's wool is shorter, straighter and very light and wispy. I am looking forward to spinning her wool to see what it is like. If you look on the left you can catch a bit of Max, my
Great Pyrennes guarding his flock.

Raising goats is fun! They each have their own personalities. My three are sweet and like to have their heads scratched. The nice thing about this breed is that they are small and I don't have to have a big farm to raise them on.

Until next time.

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