Saturday, March 12, 2016


I like to weave colorful things and use yarn with texture. A bit of sparkle is an added plus. Recently I decided some neutral placemats might be nice to offer in my booth at shows. I chose a huck lace draft using 3/2 cotton. They are called Elegant Placemats. I got the pattern from a free download from Handwoven Magazine. When I started the first one I wondered if the lack of color would bore me. Not at all. I like watching the pattern emerge as I go along and once I get into a rhythm they weave up quickly.

The weather here has been nice even though it has been very cloudy. It makes me want to get outside and plant things! Today I transplanted a rose tree. I am hoping it will bloom in the new sunnier location. While walking around the studio yard I saw a tulip in the middle of the lawn! it got transplanted too. In a way it is hard for me to decide where to be. Inside weaving or outside planting things and tidying up the yard. But the reality of it is this nice spring like weather won't last long. One day I will wake up and it will be summer. We have already turned on the air conditioning because it is so humid. That is the wavy of it here in the south. One day we can have spring like temperatures and the next day hot. So enjoy the nice weather for however long it lasts. Weaving can wait. Well, for a little while anyway.

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