Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Christmas in March?

Today I started on the red and green placemats. When I put this warp on the loom I thought I had a weft that would look good with it. It was a verigated yarn with burgundy, dark green and off white. It looks really nice on the cone but it didn't look good on the loom. The burgundy just didn't go well with the red in the warp. I played around with other yarns I had on hand but nothing worked for me. So, I decided to use the yarns that were in the warp. Five strands of the green and five strands of the red. I really like how it is turning out.

These pictures were taken with my phone. I tried to play around with the color settings on my computer but I am not happy with the way the colors are showing up. This picture shows the colors closer to what they really are.

I am hoping tomorrow I will have time to weave several of these. Now to plan the next placemat warp!



  1. Those do look like Christmas!!!!

  2. I really like those. Is the red a true red in person? Like the pattern too.
    You gotta do away with this word verification!lol It is too hard to leave a comment.(smiles)

  3. The checks look great on the towels. They will be nice for Christmas towels.