Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today's warp

Today I wound another placemat warp. This time I am using Christmas colors. I am hoping the weft I have chosen for this warp works well with it. In the past I have woven placemats using various colors but this year I am warping with seasons in mind. The pile of woven items, waiting to be hemmed, on my sewing machine is growing. That is a good thing! I should be at the studio warping up the loom but I am thinking I will take a nap instead. I have had a head cold for days and I haven't been sleeping well at night.

My area is under a tornado watch. The weather man says we are under a moderate risk for severe storms. It is breezy but not too bad at the moment. Unfortunately the storms are supposed to come just as children are getting off the buses. I pray they all get home safely.



  1. That will make nice placemats.
    The sky is dark and the wind is picking up. There is lots of severe storm activity all around.

  2. you will be ready for the season. I bet those will be pretty. I am hoping we don't have severe storms.

  3. ahhh my favorite colors!

    Karen and Steve
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