Tuesday, June 5, 2018

It happened again?

It sure did! Another loom found it's way to my house. This time for restoration. It had been in storage for at least 14 years and needs a good cleaning and oiling. There are some missing parts that need to be replicated too. I really enjoy bringing a loom back to life and weaving again. Hopefully this loom restoration will be a success.

I have never seen a loom quite like this one. No one I contacted has seen one like it either. Perhaps one of a kind? Perhaps a loving husband built it for his wife? The top of the castle suggested a Scandinavian loom with a hanging beater but looking more closely I saw that the beater is supposed to be pinned at the bottom. The rounded elements are something I have never seen before.

My first show is next week. It is The Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge, Tn. Many years ago someone I met at this festival gave me a loom. It is unusual in that it is a four harness floor loom but the weaving width is only 12 inches. I have never found any information about this loom other than it was a kit put together by a family member. Each year the family come to the festival to see the loom.  Yesterday I wound a scarf warp for this loom. The colors did not show well in the picture. The wool blend yarn is burgundy, green and cream. The lighter yarn is cream with a strand of gold. It is an acrylic blend.

The rest of this week and all of next week will be a busy time for me. I have a pile of placemats and dish towels to hem and scarf fringes to twist. I had better get going!

Until next time.

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