Sunday, March 25, 2018

What is happening

When I sold the large Finnish loom recently it created a large space in a room at the studio. The space didn't stay empty for long. I moved the Glimakra in that spot. That left me room on the other side of the room to bring in two Leclerc looms from another room. The Minerva and the Meco. The Meco is a loom that we rescued a few years back. It took a lot of work and replacement parts but now it is ready to weave on. This is a warp for dish towels,

Recently I was given a Leclerc Nilec two harness table loom. It, too, needed some restoration work. It didn't have any heddles, a crank, ratchet or a cloth beam and it was covered with lots of dust. Clearly it had been sitting somewhere for a very long time.

This loom has long been out of production but thankfully Dorothy parts will fit it. The ratchet was ordered from The Woolery. I already had heddles that would fit and thankfully I have a husband who can fix things.  For the cloth beam he took a piece of wooden closet pole, drilled holes for the lashing cord and drilled a hole at one end for a metal rod that will hold it in place on one side. On the other side he mounted the ratchet and crank he had made from a metal rod he already had. Now it is ready for a test run. I chose to put carpet warp on for mug rugs. This is a good way to use up small amounts of yarn left from other weaving projects. It weaves beautifully now. It is so satisfying to take a loom that doesn't work well or has missing parts and bring it back to something useful.

On the puppy front. Beau is growing by leaps and bounds. He is now the same size as the goats I bought him to protect. He is now getting along with Max, my other Great Pyrenees. Well mostly. I do have to separate them when they eat. Neither one likes to have the other close by when they eat. Three to four feet of separation is working so that is good. Other than this one thing they get along very well. I have seen them playing together and sleeping side by side. I sure had my doubts about the new puppy and the older dog, Max, getting along but so far so good. Here they are together waiting for me to come through the gate. This picture is a couple of weeks old so Beau is bigger now.

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