Thursday, June 22, 2017


When Fiona first came she was afraid of me. She was brave enough to come close to sniff me but if she saw my hand she would run away. I started giving her a couple of horse treats. She loves them and she lost all fear of me. I would actually say she became a big pest. She nibbles on my clothes and sniffs my pocket for treats. She wouldn't leave me alone! What a contrast in just a few days of her being here. She is now so fearless that she is not afraid of the leaf blower when it is on and will try to nibble on it.

The other day I gave her a treat and she made a funny noise. She immediately went down and rolled over. She was not breathing! I rolled her back on her tummy and I massaged her throat and whacked her on her back several times. I even briskly rubbed her sides.After a couple of minutes I stopped and watched her. She stayed in the position I had put her but she was still making a few weird sounds. I offered her water but she didn't want any. She then stood up and walked around. Whew! I was sure she was going to die right before my eyes! I kept going back to the farm to check on her and she seemed fine. She was even eating hay. Whew! Life on the farm is never dull!

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