Thursday, September 29, 2011

My new van

About eight weeks ago my good ole truck of a minivan broke down. We knew this was coming but when it happened I was still shocked. It was supposed to last longer. I really liked that van! I used it to haul hay ( I could get 15 square bales in there!, kids, goats, one very large dog, looms, camping gear and assorted stuff. But it was eleven years old and had multiple problems so it was decided it was time to stop driving it. Now the search was on for the next van. We looked and looked but we weren't finding what I wanted at what I could afford. I wanted a grand van. I love the extra space. I wanted stow and go seats, low mileage for a great price. I know. I was asking for a miracle. Then last Friday it happened! My husband saw an ad at work for my van! We test drove it and bought it the next day. I had secretly wanted a red van but I didn't mention that to my husband. It would have been too much to ask for, right? I love it! I especially like the stow and go seats! I am getting a bit too old to be lugging the seats in and out all the time. Here it is! What is really funny is....right smack in the middle of the steering wheel is the Dodge ram head. Now, I ask you, how perfect is that for someone who raises goats? I have already gotten it dirty. It needs a bath!

Here is what is on the looms this week. A scarf warp on the Lervad.

Place mats on the Glimakra.

Table runners on the Gilmore.

Another runner on the Gilmore.

Well, that is all the news for this week. Have a great weekend!



  1. Great projects on the looms!!! And, congratulations on the new's a beauty!

  2. How could you fit 15 bales, I can only do 10. Oh wait, that is with one seat still in. Love the new van.

  3. The new Van is a pretty one! You have been busy

  4. Linda, so happy for you about the van. Your work is lovely, too.

  5. I am so glad you got a grand caravan and what a deal. What wonderful projects on your looms.