Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the looms today

It is such a beautiful day here at the studio. It is nice and sunny with a breeze. It is kind of strong at times. I guess April is coming in like a lion, too.

I was able to get some yard work done but what I really wanted to do was get back to weaving rugs. I finished up the shag rug and started on some green ones. Shag rugs are fun to do but time consuming.

The green wool I am using is from the estate of a weaver. It came to me in large balls. It weaves up quickly and I like the flecks of dark green in it.

When I finished the green rug I started another one using one shot of green and one shot of off white wool. I think I like this one.

While weaving the green rugs today I turned on the TV. I really like old movies. Today I watched Abbot and Costello and the Mummy. It was pretty slap stick but I had fun watching it.

Well, that is it for today. Now, I am going to join my husband on the swing for a cup of coffee!



  1. Great rugs....but it's a great day to be outside, too!

  2. I would love to one day learn to weave. It seems like I would catch onto that much quicker than knitting or croqueting.

  3. Isn't this a beautiful day? douglas planted some more day lillies. I am just being.

  4. Both rugs and beautiful. That yarn does make up nicely into a rug.