Friday, January 14, 2011

Helpful gadgets

Tina at the Tuesday Weavers blog was talking about her homemade temples today. That got me to thinking about some of the things I use to make weaving easier. I thought I would show you a couple.

I, too, have homemade temples but they are different from Tina's. I don't think I knew about the nice clips she found when I made these a few years ago. I found these clips and decided to give them a try. They have  holes in the handles so I could attach the strings. At the time I couldn't decide what to use for weights. My husband came up with tuna fish cans! They still have the tuna inside! He put two cans in each sock and attached the string. Pretty silly, huh? Not too pretty but I do have to say they work well. I use a pair of antique lease sticks with them.

I used to have small baskets attached to each loom to hold shuttles and scissors. Now I use this small cart. I can move it from loom to loom and I don't have to use the baskets anymore. Instead of having multiples of what I need I can just scoot this around.

There is one more thing that I think would be very handy. It would be so nice if there were little warping fairies who would come at night and warp up empty looms!



  1. The warping fairies have gone on a winter sabbatical according to a rumor I heard. I just wanted them to get my counterbalance to BALANCE!!! Is that too much to ask????

  2. Thanks for the pictures Linda, I will see if I can scare up a couple of long sticks to try that out!

  3. I'm coming as fast as I can!

    The Itinerant Warper

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