Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sad times ahead

If you had asked me how I was handling William's upcoming high school graduation I would have smiled and told you fine! Tonight I realized that is not a true statement. Tonight we went to an awards dinner where our son, among others, were presented with student of the year awards. At one point in the ceremony there were baby pictures of each student along with a present day photo. I hope no one saw me because I started crying.  I was even tearing up looking at other student's baby pictures! Okay, I admit it. I am an emotiional person. I even cried when E.T. went home!

William is our youngest child and last one at home. I prayed for this child for 19 years! That is how long it took me to get pregnant with him and now he is almost all grown up and will be going to college. Sigh. Where have the last 17 years gone to? They have flown by so quickly. Where did that little boy with the cute chubby cheeks go?

In a couple of weeks there will be more baby and current pictures going up on a large screen at church when we celebrate senior recognition Sunday. I plan on being armed with lots of Kleenex! I hope I don't embarrass myself, William or my husband!

Maybe the problem isn't that he is growing up and will soon be starting his own life. Maybe the real problem is that I am loosing my job. One that I have held for thirty-six years. That job is being a mom. I know....once a mom always a mom but it just won't be the same.

On a happier hubby is taking tomorrow off. He hasn't done that in a while and I alway enjoy us spending the day together. Hmmmmm, guess there will be more of those days in our future. Now that is a lovely thought!



  1. We hold their hands for a little while....and their hearts for a lifetime.

  2. You have to let them go sometime. It is sad but nice at the same time.

  3. It does take some getting used to, but I know you two, you will be just fine!