Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's that time of year

Now that the weather has gotten warmer my Nigora goat, Kami, has started to shed her wool. She can look pretty strange this time of year. I wonder what the neighbor's think?  There are three grades to this kind of wool and I am fortunate that I have a C. This means she sheds instead of having to be sheared. Here is what she looks like today. If you look closely you will see how her long wool has been brushed off her back. See the darker color underneath? She is shedding all over but it is most noticeable on her back right now. I wonder what Philippe will think when she doesn't look like a sheep anymore?

This is the wool I have gotten so far. This process of brushing her will take a few days. I wish you could feel it. It is very soft!



  1. I need to get my girls brushed and sheared, otherwise I'm going to lose theirs. So the order for this week is to get to the Nigora girls and my angoras and hopefully one of my ewes that is still pregnant.

  2. Looks like fiber goodness to me!!!

  3. Oooo! I want one! Be sure to bring some on Tuesday so that I can see if I can tolerate what ever she has that is like sheep lanolin!

  4. Looks so soft. You will have to take a picture of her when she is all shed.