Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The tale of two towels

Recently I purchased a large cone of supima cotton in the hopes that it would weave up into some nice dish towels. I put on enough supima warp for two towels. I wove one using the supima for weft and the other with a novelty yarn that is cotton with a thin core of polyesther as weft. I got them hemmed today then washed and dried them in the dryer.

They both turned out soft but the one on the left ( novelty yarn ) was softer. The all supima cotton towel has nice tracking that I don't think you can see in the picture.

I did an absorbancy test. Not very scientific, however. I spilled some water on the counter and then used both towels to clean it up. I have to say, the all supima cotton towel was not as absorbant as I had hoped. The towel on the left did fine. I knew it would. I have made more towels out of that novelty yarn than I can count. I wondered if I ran the all supima towel through the washer and dryer again would it make a difference. I will have to let you know some other time. It is drying as I write this.

Here is a close up.

The darker color yarn is a dark green cotton. I am thinking this cotton will be good for shawls. We will have to see.



  1. you going to make more towels? Or, do you have something else in mind?

  2. I think they will both work out nice. More washing and steam iron pressing might make the supima more absorptive. I did one in pearle cottons and now it soaks up nicely too.

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  3. you have been busy, busy! Nice towels

  4. I really like the one with the novelty yarn best. I bet the pima will make nice throws because it is very strong and wound very tight. Good for rugs too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those towels will be great when we have a booth in you'll sell a bunch!