Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wild weather Wednesday

This has been such a windy month! More like March than April. This afternoon we are supposed to get more severe weather. We have been fortunate in that we haven't had any storm damage here, lately, but yesterday I watched a neighbor's tree fall down. Thankfully it was away from his house.

I have been clearing out some things lately. Mainly a barn. Isn't it funny how when you get to cleaning you find things you forgot you had? I found some acrylic yarns that I had forgotten about it. I didn't really need it so I shared it with the Tuesday Weavers. It sure felt good to move some things out of here. I have enough yarn to last me a good long while. I pity my family should anything happen to me. My husband says the first person who comes to the door gets it all! Should any of my friends want to know.....I am feeling fine! LOL.

I started a new rug and I have been working on a scarf, too. I am hoping today that I can get to the studio and weave for several hours. Hmmm, maybe I should turn off my phone! It seems like someone always needs me to do something when I want to weave.

Aren't these azaleas beautiful? They are about 32 years old. Most of the shrubs have gotten really tall and have gotten pruned this year. The azaleas will be next after they bloom.

The rhododendrons are beginning to bloom, too. It is hard to tell but they are pink.

That is about it for today. I hope all of you who are in the path of the storms stay safe and that your power stays on!



  1. Thank you for your contribution to the Straw Weaving stash. Before we know it, it will be time for the event in Maryville!!!!

  2. Yeah you cleaning out! I like your husbands thinking!lol
    stay safe today