Friday, May 20, 2011

Smile for the camera!

Remember little puppy Max? Well, he is almost seven months old now and has grown into a wonderful farm dog. He rarely lets the goats out of his sight. Don't you just love that smile?

Here he is with the goats. Kami, my Nigora, has shed her wonderful wool and now will be cooler for the summer. She is the last one on the right.

Here is the latest addition to the studio. I can't really come up with a good name for him. I am leaning towards Hershey. See how he is standing up? He does that every time I go near his cage. I wonder if he is wishing he were taller? He is an 11 week old Netherland Dwarf. Hmmm, that definately does not look like a smile!

This is Socks. Every farm needs a cat, right?

 Since we are on the subject of animals I will tell you about who came to visit today. My neighbor's calf came up on our porch and bumped the door. Guess he couldn't find the door bell! I wish I had taken his picture. His Mama kept calling to him in the distance. He eventually found his way back to her.

Life in the country is wonderful. You never know who will stop by. A few years ago we had an emu come three times. It was funny when a neighbor called to tell us we had an "ostrich" in the yard. We even had a pot belly pig come once. We have had wolves here, too.

If you follow the Loomy Tunes blog you will have read that I bought a rack that I am hoping will be good for displaying rugs at craft shows. Here is what some rugs look like on it. I only had three hangers with clips to try it out. I am hoping to find some longer ones and really test this rack out before the shows,

I spent yesterday and today hemming rugs, placemats and table runners. They are all hemmed and washed. Now time to get back to weaving!



  1. Max just keeps on growing and growing! He looks so happy! I'm glad the rack is working.

  2. Looks like Max is very happy doing his job ...
    he's so adorable...

    enjoy the weekend !!!

  3. Max is coming along great! He looks like he's entered the gangly stage of life. Love the rabbit. I miss mine. Maybe when life slows down some I can get another one. Too busy with kids, family, work, sheep, goats, ....

  4. Looks like the rack will work. That rabbit is so cute. Max--getting bigger and cuter.

  5. Max looks great! I had a stray banty rooster here yesterday, but I didn't see him today.

  6. Max is such a good dog. I love his smile. You surely have been busy. Don't you love this weather?

  7. Gotta love the shag rugs! Max looks like one, too!