Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winding a new warp

It was a warm day here. I don't know how hot it actually got but after doing the farm chores and working the the flower beds I was ready for air conditioning!

Several years ago I saw an article in Handwoven that I wanted to try. It was back in 2002, I think.  Somehow I never got around to it. This week I decided it is time. Here is a picture of the article. The weaver wove placemats and napkins. I want to do table runners.

Here is part of the warp I wound. I have one third of it left to go.

I can never seem to capture the colors right.I even took this one outside to get better light.  It is sage green. Maybe I should start using my camera instead of the phone! I am really looking forward to trying something different. The yarn looks a bit discolored near my thumb. It isn't. That must just have been the lighting.


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  1. That is really a pretty color. It will make a great table runner.