Monday, December 27, 2010

My goodness, how times change

I grew up with three siblings. Christmas mornings were noisy and fun. Then I got married and Christmas mornings were so quiet! It seemed so strange to me. After a while we had four children and Christmas mornings were noisy and fun again! Now the children are grown. Three have moved away and this Christmas morning it was just our youngest son and ourselves. Christmas morning was quiet again. Still fun but different. This year we are all going to celebrate Christmas on New Year's Eve! Now that we have two grandchildren it is going to be exciting, noisy and fun again! Hurray!



  1. I know you'll enjoy having the grandkids there!!!

  2. Linda, if you wanted noise you should have been over here Christmas night. 18 of us were all talking at once, and a guitar and a drum going some of that time!!! We are doing Christmas New Years Eve too, with Beth and Ryan, in fact Debs whole family.

  3. We are doing Christmas tomorrow. My daughter and family are on the way here from NC.
    You will have fun on New Years Eve. I know what you mean about it being quite on Christmas day. It was quite here. Happy New Year.