Thursday, December 2, 2010

more studio pictures

I am still tweeking the guest room. Since I last posted pictures I have added a print of Mount Vernon over the bed and a bride's box on the bench. The couple on the box kind of look like George and Martha in keeping with the theme of the room. I put a small colonial doll on the bench, too.

Now for the dining room.

I still need to come with something to put on the top shelf of the rack. Someday I hope to put some boards on the door to give it an older look. I might paint the table legs and chairs a different color, too. That will come later. Much later. I have a whole lot of weaving to get done first.

This view is from the dining room looking into the guest room. The floor will get changed as soon as DH and I can come up with something we like. It is ok for  now.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Come back soon!



  1. Looks good! The dining room looks good too.

  2. Looking good Linda! What are your weaving projects going to be?

  3. Thanks for the tour. Looks great. How is little Max doing?