Thursday, December 16, 2010


I hope everyone is warm and dry today. Look at what we woke up to this morning! Needless to say there is no school and my DH stayed home today. It has now mostly melted and it is raining. Our mail man just said the roads are still bad. We live out in the county and the road dept. doesn't come out here much. It wouldn't surprise me if it all refreezes tonight and school is cancelled for tomorrow. Our son hasn't been to school all week.

I did manage to walk to the studio. I have these things I call grippers. They slip over my shoes and I can get good traction with them.

I bought an antique mantle to put over the gas fireplace at the studio. It was really dirty so today I scrubbed it.I think it turned out pretty well.  I may paint it barn red. I just love that color!



  1. It is pretty. It will look great in barn red.

  2. I love barn red...and that mantle would look really good that color. Just be careful walking outside!

  3. Oh, barn red is a great color and would look great on that mantle.
    Love the new look in the store room. What brand of is that fold down table?
    I've seen some but they didn't feel terribly sturdy.
    Stay warm and cosy!

  4. Theresa,
    I am sorry. I don't know the brand. I found this one on craigslist for a great price.

  5. You better be careful, grippers or not!! If you fall and hurt yourself I'll get all the goodwill bargains.