Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The store room

I hope you all are staying warm. It has been pretty cold here on the ridge. We had some snow on Sunday and tomorrow snow and freezing rain are in the forecast! Here in the south we don't really see weather like this very often. It is wonderful. I love the snow!

I spent today tidying up the store room. Right now I have the sewing machine on a small folding table but soon I hope to have the old treadle sewing machine moved into that spot.

See the large table on the left? That is going to be wonderful for cutting fabric into strips. In the old studio there wasn't room enough to open it up to use it. Now I have room!

I took a picture of the other wall but I guess I didn't hit the save button. On the last wall there is a small floor loom. It has 8 harnesses and is made of walnut. The person who gave it to me said her grandfather built it from a kit. It is unlike any loom I have ever seen.

The Union loom finally was moved into the other bedroom. Hurray! That was the last loom to move. Pictures coming soon.



  1. You're about to get everything moved over...then there will be a "whole lot of weavin' goin' on!"

  2. It looks wonderful. When are you hosting CVWG?

  3. Not any time soon. I still need to tweek some things and the mantle needs to be painted and mounted.

  4. Won't be long until it will all be finished! Looking good