Saturday, January 15, 2011

My mug rug revealed

The other Tuesday Weavers, and the Clinch Valley Handweavers Guild, are at the arts center dying warp, having a pot luck lunch and having lots of fun. Unfortunately, I had to miss today. We are going to the grand children's combined birthday party. Yesterday, I dropped off my mug and mug rug for the swap. So, since they are all busy and won't see this for a while, I can show it to you! What we were supposed to do is buy a mug and weave a coordinating mug rug to go with it. Since the mug had a snowflakes on it I wanted to do an overshot project with snowflake in the name. I had a hard time finding a draft so I asked a couple of weaving friends if they knew of one. They each send me drafts! Aren't they wonderful? Since I waited so long to weave this ( I had a whole year! ) I only got one of them woven up but I have warp left to try the other one. My plan is to weave a few of each draft.

We were also supposed to do a scarf challenge but that just never happened for me. Maybe this year I should weave the challenge at the beginning of the year instead of waiting until the last minute!

And  now the other side. For the warp I used red poly/cotton rug warp and for the weft I used white Peaches and Cream. I really wanted the white to stand out and look like snow.

I am excited to see what I get. I will post a picture so you all can see.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. The sun is out here and it will be above freezing so all the snow could be gone by tonight. I sure have enjoyed the sound of the snow crunching under my feet. It reminds me of my childhood where we had tons of snow.



  1. The next challenge is going to be fun! Start soon! We missed you a lot today, and you would have had a blast!

  2. Your mug rug & mug were a big hit. We had a great time looking at all the mugs & rugs!!! I'll post them tomorrow.

  3. I am the lucky receipient of the mug and mug rug. It is beautiful. Thanks.

  4. Bonnie sure was lucky! That is so pretty