Saturday, January 8, 2011

Max is growing!

Every day I am amazed at how much Max has grown in the short time he has been here. Here is a picture of what he looked like just a few weeks ago.

This picture was taken today. Big difference, huh? He seems to know what his job is supposed to be. He stays with the goats all the time. If they move to another part of the farm so does he. I got to see him in action the other day. A neighbor's dog came up to the fence and Max went into action! He gave a low growl and then he started barking. I believe he is going to make a great livestock guardian!

I have an order for two table runners that I really need to get done. Here is the first one that I finished today. The warp is sage green and the weft is a verigated cotton yarn. The customer wants the next one to have shades of browns and beige in the warp and the same weft as you see here. It feels so good to be weaving again!



  1. Max is growing! And he seems to enjoy his job...he's a lucky dog!

  2. He looks to be an excellent guard dog. Kami and your other goats look to be doing well with him.

  3. Max is so adorable.. and so are the other critters,Great photos
    Congrats on the Table runner Order as


  4. Ah Max is so cute. I would have a hard time not making a pet out of him! Glad to see you are weaving, since you love it so much. Is it never going to stop snowing and being so cold?

  5. Max looks to be in great shape! He also looks happy to have a job. I know you are enjoying your weaving studio. I have been able to get a little weaving in too, it sure feels good.

  6. Max is so cute. They all look like they are posing for the picture.
    I am so glad you are getting back to weaving.