Saturday, September 10, 2011

Want to meet my husband?

Wow, two blog entries in one day! That sure isn't something I usually do.

Recently my husband was having a problem with his car. A big problem. It wouldn't start. He ordered a part on line and installed it. It works! Both the car and the part. Here is a picture of him installing it.

Isn't this a funny picture? This is what it took to get the part installed under the dash board!

My husband is quite a guy. He can fix anything! He is really handy to have around. I think I will keep him!



  1. Oh dear, what a position to get into!

  2. Bet he loved this!lol Isn't it wonderful having a handy husband?

  3. LOL, too funny - but isn't it great when our hubbies can do things instead of paying someone!